Heartland RV Inc.

We do repairs on all makes and models.

We are not a dealership, we provide repairs, parts and accessories.

Pre-purchase inspections. This service is for anyone wanting to find out what may be in need of repair or replacement BEFORE making a purchase.

LP system: Gas Pressure check. This lets us know if the system is "tight", meaning NO leaks.  The right pressure and no leaks are crucial to the function of all gas appliances, and your safety.

Water: We will air the system to 80PSI. This is the pressure used to test the water system at the time of manufacture. This test will let us know if there are any leaks or problems. Water is not used to check for leaks.

Roof: We will inspect the roof and all sealant on the roof. This will let you know if there are any areas in need of repair.

General Inspection: An overall inspection of the interior and exterior: Signs of leaking, water damage and any other visible damage, missing or malfuctioning parts. We can also check bearings, brakes, tires, wheels and frame.  

Appliance repair: We repair all appliances and are a service center for most.This includes: Furnaces, Water Heaters, Stoves, Water Pumps, Refrigerators, Air Conditioners, and  Hydronic Heaters.

Roofs: We do all roof repair, from sealant to complete roof replacement.

Tow bars and Hitches: We sell and install tow bars. Blue Ox tow bars.

Plumbing System: This includes the fresh water system and all repairs from the plumbing lines to the faucets.

Electrical system: Complete AC electrical including inverters, transfer switches and distribution centers. Complete DC electrical sytems batteries, low voltage wiring, converters and low voltage distribution.

Satellite Systems: Installation and maintenace of all brands of satellite systems.

Winterization: This is to get your RV ready to store for the winter. There are several steps to be taken to prevent damage from freezing. The extent of the winterization is determined by what kind of unit you have.